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SUCCESS OF TECH JOB FAIR IN BERLIN – 2018 Berlin is capital and largest city of Republic of Germany by both area and population. Berlin is situated in north east side of Germany. Berlin is the world of culture, politics, media, science and technology. Berlin is growing day by day in every perspectives. Berlin is the HUB of Universities, International Companies. In Berlin every year new companies are coming and they want gud employees. And University passed out students find one platform where they can find gud job which is less time consuming.More than 70.000 people move to Berlin from another country every year. They all have similar requirements and want to create their new home quickly. They mostly need housing and mobility solutions, a job for themselves or partners, professional services and social connections. Even Germans with an international mindset seek to join in, and benefit from the expat and entrepreneurs community. Tech Jobs Fair gives these people the opportunity to connect online and at our regular events. Solution providers have a platform to support and develop the expat community through their services and products.TECH JOB FAIR is very wide platform for job seeker and recruiters. TECH JOB FAIR organizing every year JOB FESTIVAL from last three years. Where job seekers can find them dream jobs and recruiters can find top employees. TECH JOB FAIR every year invites so many companies in different fields. Where people can find bunch of opportunities under one roof. [Here , last year tech jobs fair overview video] Last year TECH JOB FAIR was successfully passed. In TECH JOB FAIR last year more than 1300+ students and jobseekers are there and more than 25+ companies in all fields are there in one place. [Here , image of all company] Last year TECH JOB FAIR had one of the finest and active MEDIA PARTNERS, PRODUCTION PARTNERS and COMMUNITY PARTNERS. [Here , image of all partners] In TECH JOB FAIR job seekers can find all kind of companies at one place like, IT MANAGEMENT MARKETING ADVERTIZING FINANZ DATA ANALYST ENGINEERING [Here , image of all different fields] TECH JOB FAIR growing more and more not only in berlin also in VIENNA LISBON AND Z√úRICH also organizing. TECH JOB FAIR is free and open for everyone. [Here , date of the other location with image] This year TECH JOB FAIR will come with more and more companies with many job positions. So, Berliner R U READY FOR NEXT TECH JOB FAIR?