Berlin Agenda Details

11th April 2019

15:00 pm – 15:30 pm
Open door and Welcoming
Tech Jobs Fair provides job seekers an opportunity to browse and apply to some of the fastest growing company. For companies, we provide comprehensive hiring solutions and candidates from categories like work students, fresh graduates, experienced professionals and strategic hires for key positions and as well as brand awarnesss.
Ashok Dudhat
Ashok Dudhat
Founder & CTO at Tech Jobs Fair
15:30 pm – 16:00 pm
Talent Attraction Management / Immigration – How to bring the best talent to Berlin
Berlin Partner for Business and Technology offers business and technology promotion for companies, investors and science institutes in Berlin. With carefully tailored services and excellent links to research, our experts provide an outstanding range of offerings to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin.

Burkhard has worked with talent attraction in Berlin Partner for nearly a decade. The infamously poor but sexy capital of Germany has acquired that special something that attracts both creatives as well as startups, entrepreneurs and students. He knows long-term strategic talent attraction, working with HR and labour market policy, business development, marketing Berlin Sciences and focusing on innovation and technology. All of this in a multi-stakeholder engagement.
Head of Unit Talent Services bei Berlin Partner GmbH
16:00 pm – 16:10 pm
Zoi stands for Zero One Infinity. Zero, one, infinity – an essential paradigm of IT and electronics. Zoi focuses fully on the use of the cloud in the enterprise environment as well as new technologies and software development.

Kathleen has several years of experience in working for and co-founding startups. She is now working as Innovation Consultant for Zoi, an implementation-driven tech consultancy with locations in Berlin, Stuttgart and Lisbon. Kathleen is also the Site Manager for Zoi’s Berlin office.
Kathleen Fritzsche
Kathleen Fritzsche
Innovation Consultant at Zoi
16:10 pm – 16:25 pm
Why you should code with us
For more than ten years, our mission has been to find the best specialist company for each of our clients. Making big decisions, making good decisions. We are aroundhome – around the house for you.

Haykuhi Ovakyan is Scrum Master since 2012 and she has started at Aroundhome 2 months ago. She comes from the Armenia and speaks several languages (armenian, english, russian, italian, persian, german) & loves to travel (been to 27 countries).
Scrum Master at Aroundhome
16:25 pm – 16:35 pm
Ride the future with VOI.
We’re bringing shared electric scooters to the streets of Europe. Jump on a scooter anytime and ride wherever in the city – all free from emissions.

She has just started at VOI as the Expansion & Growth Intern for the DACH region, where she support the team in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She hold Master’s studies of Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on transportation at the TU Berlin. She is really passionate about innovative mobility solutions that help to make cities greener and safer.
Karoline Führer
Karoline Führer
DACH VOI Intern at Voi.
16:35 pm – 16:45 pm
Which programming language should I learn?
4scotty was founded to significantly simplify the process of IT-recruiting for both employers and tech professionals. With transparent and individual job offers, companies can directly invite tech professionals to a personal interview. Candidates can determine their own market value and decide by themselves which companies they would like to contact.

André Schade is Head of Development / CTO at 4scotty. Came as a newcomer (studying biochemistry) in software development. He has worked as a web-based software engineer for many years, found his love for DevOps, and led and coached development teams in complex technology environments.
Andre Schade
Andre Schade
Head of Development at 4scotty
16:45 pm – 16:55 pm
How Agile is Tech Consultancy
Here at Deloitte, we are continuously evolving how we work and how we look at marketplace challenges so we can continue to deliver measurable, sustainable results for our clients and our communities.

Juliane Möllmann is Senior Solution Engineer at the Innovation Delivery Center of Deloitte Consulting. As an innovation manager and SCRUM master, she drives software projects from a PM perspective and delivered already great services and products for the financial services and retail industry. She supports women empowerment initiatives like PANDA, Berlin Geekettes and LeanIN and people’s development is her passion.
Juliane Möllmann
Juliane Möllmann
Senior Solution Engineer at Deloitte
17:05 pm – 17:10 pm
CERN – One of the most incredible experiments in the world!
Fundamental research is CERN’s primary mission, but the Laboratory also plays a vital role in developing the technologies of tomorrow. From materials science to computing, particle physics demands the ultimate in performance, making CERN an important test-bed for industry.

Ingrid Haug was born in Vienna, Austria; HR Professional for Recruitment Programmes (Students, Associates, Fellows) at CERN since 1998.

David Schmid was Born in Freiburg, Germany. PhD Student at CERN since 2017. Working on detector cooling technologies with carbon dioxide.
Ingrid Haug
Ingrid Haug
Human Resources Professional at CERN
17:20 pm – 17:30 pm
Find a job you love—it’s easier than you think
Germany Startup Jobs’s aim is to connect the Germany’s innovative Startup companies to the top talents. A platform with hassle-free and single step process to match the requirements of both employer and job seeker. Join us and match your skills. The possibilities are endless.

Tejeswini has experienced in Project Management and Knowledge Management + product ownership with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in SCRUM, Confluence, PHP, and Microsoft tools. Strong consulting professional with a Masters focused in Computer Science and Media.
Tejeswini Kashyappan
Tejeswini Kashyappan
Project Manager at Germany Startup Jobs
17:30 pm – 17:45 pm
From Ideation to Exit and the life of a Product Manager
We are passionate about building technology companies for the banking, insurance and asset management industries. With our exclusive focus on the financial services sector, we have developed deep expertise in addressing customers’ financial needs in this digital age.

Daniel Manzke is Lateral Thinker. Problem Solver. Business-First CTO. Hates Over-Engineering. Leads the Company Builder team @ finleap.

Louis Curry who will spice the speech up a bit with some insights about the culture at finleap.
Daniel Manzke
Daniel Manzke
VP Studio at Finleap
Daniel Manzke
Louis Curry
Tech Recruitment Manager at FinLeap
17:45 pm – 18:00 pm
Zizoo’s mission is to make boat holidays as easy…
Zizoo is the leading boat holiday platform, offering over 21,000 boats across 500 destinations worldwide. We cater both to licensed sailors looking to book a boat only, and to those with no sailing experience, interested in hiring a boat together with a captain and optional crew.

Anna Banicevic is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zizoo. Viennese born, with roots in Montenegro, Anna grew up with an affinity for sailing. With a background in Sales and Account Management, Anna used her knowledge and work experience at Google to fill a major gap in the travel industry: sailing holidays. Since Zizoo’s founding in 2014, Anna has led and managed a team that grew from 4 Co-Founders to now more than 70 Crew Members today. In addition to leading the Zizoo Team, Anna is also building the company’s strategic vision and facilitating ongoing business innovation.
Anna Banicevic
Anna Banicevic
CEO & Co-Founder of Zizoo
18:00 pm – 18:25 pm
Future Job World – the lack of skilled employees
Jobsensai has access to the best recruiters, to help others find the best possible way to become a master in their particular field.

Torsten is responsible for the product innovation department of StepStone. He has more then 15 years of experience in the definition and management of digital projects and ensuring the handshake between business, user experience and IT for new & innovative solutions. Torsten is offering SME’s perspective, guidance and innovation leadership within strategy & user experience for connected digital services.
Torsten Schollmayer
Torsten Schollmayer
Chief Operating Officer at Jobsens.ai
18:25 pm – 18:40 pm
Meet The Qt Company
Qt Group (Nasdaq Helsinki: QTCOM) is a global software company with a strong presence in more than 70 industries and is the leading independent technology behind millions of devices and applications. Qt is used by major global companies and developers worldwide, and the technology enables its customers to deliver exceptional user experiences and advance their digital transformation initiatives.

Michael Winkelmann is a passionate C++ developer and Qt enthusiast for more than 8 years. Since 2016, he works as a Qt Consultant for The Qt Company. He works closely together with Qt customers to assure that they succeed with their Qt solutions.
Michael Winkelmann
Michael Winkelmann
Senior Software Engineer in Professional Services at The Qt Company
18:40 pm – 19:00 pm
Take Part in Deutsche Telekom IT
We are paving the way for the gigabit society: As a leading company in communication and information technology, we are very successfully shaping the digital world of tomorrow with innovative solutions for private and business customers.

Gabriele studied mathematics with computer science at the RWTH Aachen University. After several years working in Systems Integration in various roles, Gabriele took over the management of an application development department at Telekom IT. Together with her team, she is responsible for the operation and further development of business intelligence applications for business management for the service department of Deutsche Telekom.

Thomas is end2end responsible for a software delivery unit in the 2 domains mobile & contact center business.Currently he and his team enjoy an agile transformation together with business units based on a value driven organizational setup based on the agile framework SAFe. Beforehand Thomas was working in several roles and industries across Europe and USA always with the passion to shape business together with people & IT.Thomas holds 2 degrees: IT Engineer and MBA in International Management
Gabriele Helmer
Gabriele Helmer
Head of Solution BI Productions at Detusche Telekom
Thomas Kromik
Thomas Kromik
VP Mobile & Contact Systems at Detusche Telekom
19:00 pm – 21:00 pm
Networking Party with DJ
Networking Party with track of best song from DJ Eli Ndoumbé
Eli Ndoumbé
Eli Ndoumbé